REALLY weird quantum communication

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Tue Dec 8 14:05:08 PST 2020

This sort of discovery greatly contributes to the head-of-steam building up for a quantum-encrypted internet and fulfillment of the cryptoanarchist prophecy of Tim Mongo May.

Technological determinism is now far stronger than the old pre-Keynesian economic determinism and we are also on track for the Kurzweil predicted singularity 2030 - 46.

I find quantum ' measurement-like-effects' going on in the background give a good explanation of the arrow-of-time and why space is often described using a rubber-sheet metaphor.

If counter-factual ( and other more normal triggering of wave-function-collapse / entanglement )  is going on all the time in the vacuum then we may even reconcile quantum-physics with general relativity - develop a quantum-gravity theory-of-everything. 

Following a relatively recent line of thought from Wheeler to H. Pagels and S. Lloyd our own unique universe increasingly resembles a quantum internet with associated crypto-anarchy.
Since 2015 - with help from E. Verlinde and others - I've begun trying to imagine PKI as a metaphor.
This would involve the ' Crypto Turn ' in cosmology I spoke about on my return here.
Dr Charles Rhodes might have beat me to it with his papers from 2003 and 2010, 2012.
If the universe is more like public key encryption than anything else then so called dark-matter and dark-energy could be related to lost key-halves.
Quantum cryptanalysis is oxymoronic and an impossible science. Nevertheless, using all the mathematical tools available to us we may still discover the long sought bridge between the very large and the very small and how to live better in an anarchist universe.
The search for some sort of ' Ansible ' device is even a good excuse to go barging around this galaxy in search of a friendly alien intelligence that might help. To boldly go in a non-Elon-Musk sort of way that we can rationalize and not spark instant hostility.
Yrs in peaceful anarchist discovery

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