Vetted by the best?

professor rat pro2rat at
Mon Dec 7 18:17:39 PST 2020

"... I know of multiple different allegations that dissidents, sources, and competing outlets were similarly targeted for surveillance, with one WikiLeaks dissident claiming to have been hacked and threatened after a political split with the group. .."

I suspect Julian may have heard of me - we even posted here together for a couple of years - and since I've been attacking him every year since 2009, he may have had me investigated - at least by " Officer Google ", if nothing else. 
Wikileaks reportedly has troves of top-secret material from the most top-secret places on earth - Meade and Langley - so if they can't build a dossier on me then maybe there's nothing much bad there to find out. 
I suppose some may say that I never assaulted three large policemen in their own police-station. But I have my convictions. 

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