"Anarchist" rape-accomplice, Jeremy Hammond is out of jail! Jesus Fucking Christ!

professor rat pro2rat at yahoo.com.au
Mon Dec 7 15:49:16 PST 2020

"... Entered into an agreement with individuals involved in Gnosis and Lulzsec before those individuals carried out the hack of Stratfor and remained in the agreement during and after the hack. This is a case where five of the people Assange allegedly entered into a conspiracy with have already pled guilty, in both the UK and US (as well as Ireland), making the primary proof required at trial that Assange did enter into agreement with the other co-conspirators, not that the hack occurred..."



GEOFFREY "sexual offence for a man to deliberately deceive a partner whose consent has been conditional upon his use of a condom" ROBERTSON

JULIAN " Being guilty of aggravated rape has nothing to do with our party" A. Broinowski. Wikileaks Party NSW candidate for au Senate. 2013.

Rape-accomplice, Jeremy Hammond, needs killing before he blackens the good name of anarchism ( My 2k )

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