Giuliani: now >1000 affidavits of witnesses (D + R!) to 2020 vote fraud -- USA 2020 Elections: Thread

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This is impressive:

   “The FBI Is Nowhere to be Found!” – Rudy Giuliani Reveals UNDENIABLE
   VOTER FRAUD in 2020 Election – Now Has 1,000 Signed Witness
   Affidavits! (VIDEO)
   By Jim Hoft
   Published December 6, 2020 at 10:12am

      … Rudy told Maria Bartiromo the Trump campaign now has 1,000 legal
      signed affidavits by election officials and observers both
      Republican and Democrat willing to speak out on the massive voter
      fraud in this year’s election.

         The Same Organized Fraud That Took Place in Michigan Took Place
         In Georgia on Election Night – Republicans Were Removed from
         the Counting Area and then Massive Spike in Biden Only Votes is

      Rudy was absolutely exceptional. It is undeniable that there was
      MASSIVE fraud in this presidential election that allowed the
      election to be stolen by Joe Biden.

      This is a pivotal moment in US history.

      Via Sunday Morning Futures:
      # ~74 MiB, ~10mins

   MI Poll Challenger’s Response To Unhinged MI Dem Rep Who Called Her A
   Liar, Is Mic Drop Moment [VIDEO]

      100 Percent Fed Up – Hima, an immigrant from India and IT
      specialist gave a spectacular testimony tonight in front of the MI
      House Oversight Committee about the events she witnessed as a GOP
      and Independent poll challenger at the TCF Center.

      opportunity to ask Hima a question about her very credible
      testimony, she used her time to call her and the witness sitting
      next to her “liars.”

      ‘Do you have a point of order?” Chairman Hall asked Rep. Johnson?
      She responded by demanding that Hima and Andrew Sitto (sitting
      next to her) be placed under oath.

      “May I say something please?” Hima asked. Chairman Hall agreed to
      let her respond to the vile accusation by the Democrat lawmaker
      from Detroit. “If that is something you want me to do, I will do
      it. Can I just say one thing though? If it is a lie, it may
      change, because a liar has to have a lot of memory power. If it is
      truth, you can ask me in the middle of the night and it will still
      be the same thing,” she said looking directly at the horrible
      lawmaker. The room erupted in cheers!

      The day after she worked as an Independent poll challenger, Hima
      gave a sworn affidavit outlining her experiences to the Election
      Integrity group. Andrew Sitto, the other witness, who Rep. Johnson
      called a liar, has also provided a sworn affidavit to the MI
      Republican Party.


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On Sun, Dec 06, 2020 at 06:55:26PM -0500, grarpamp wrote:
>  Trump Rally w Loeffler,
> Perdue, and Fun Jumbotron Expose Valdosta,GA 2020-12-05
> Senate Hearing FBI
> CROSSFIRE HURRICANE Fake Trump-Russia Democrat-Frauds Propaganda
>  MarchForTrump Bus Tour Rally
> Press Briefing 12/2
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> Georgia Legislature
> Election Hearings
> Arizona Legislature
> Election Hearings
> Trump Speech on Elections 2020-12-02
> Stop the Steal: Sidney
> Powell Lin Wood Focus Talk Live
> Thomas More Amistad
> Project Whistleblowers
> Consider the statistical makeup of Big Democrat Region Election
> Commissions, Workers and Contracts... not 50/50 as it should be, but
> heavily Biased to Democrats... so when it comes to all the fraud
> reports, and schemes not yet found or leaked... what is stastically
> more likely to be true.

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