NO Post-Left-Anarchism yet

professor rat pro2rat at
Sun Dec 6 17:14:32 PST 2020

Batshit Crazy is a Nazbol Turd who may have already lost his Nazi Kamaraden due to his strange, and unexplained love for Pentagon Jew-Boy, Jacob Applecheeks.

So now he has to suck up to his Bolshevik Commissar comrades by obfuscating anarchism as much as any moron like this Kremlin Troll can.

Marxists like this pice-of-Stasi-shit have been lying about anarchists for 170 years.

Bakunin then went to Brussels, where he again met Marx. Of Marx and his circle Bakunin wrote to his friend Herwegh:

The German workers, Bornstadt, Marx, Engels – especially Marx – poison the atmosphere. Vanity, malevolence, gossip, pretentiousness and boasting in theory and cowardice in practice. Dissertations about life, action, and feeling – and complete absence of life, action, and feeling – and complete absence of life. 
Disgusting flattery of the more advanced workers – and empty talk. According to them, Feuerbach is a “bourgeois,” and the epithet BOURGEOIS! is shouted ad nauseam by people who are from head to foot more bourgeois than anyone in a provincial city – in short, foolishness and lies, lies and foolishness. In such an atmosphere no one can breathe freely. I stay away from them and I have openly declared that I will not go to their Kommunistischer Handwerkerverein [Communist Trade Union Society] and will have nothing to do with this organization.

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