NO Post-Left-Anarchism yet

professor rat pro2rat at
Sun Dec 6 11:00:44 PST 2020

After nearly 20 years of hot-air about getting anarchism free and clear of Leftist politics
anarchists still haven't grasped the nettle which is Marxism.  Anarchism was always post-left nationalist party voting from the beginning. So it never had to be post that Left, which is in the majority in many places. 
The timewasting, gasbag post-leftists so far can't seem to define the " Left " any better than the average GOP-type moron or the Unabomber.
The only real " Left " anarchists need to get "post ' or past, is Marxism. Marx, hated and fought with Stirner, Proudhon and Bakunin. His rabid, sectarian fanatical fascist followers began murdering anarchists in early 1918 - and they haven't stopped a year ever since.
Enough is enough.
There is no ' good Marxism' Vs bad. Its all bad. Its always been bad, and the longer any of us are associated the greater the dangers to us. Bad ideas cling together - and they'll cling to us if we let them. To Hell with Karl Marx - Long live Anarchism!

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