MH17 pracie -- Ukraine: MH17 "escorted" by military jet just prior to BUK missile shoot down - [PEACE]

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Sun Dec 6 03:59:42 PST 2020

Thank you Gerrit.

On Fri, Dec 04, 2020 at 12:25:19PM +0000, Mr Gerrit H. Schorel-Hlavka O.W.B. wrote:
> Zenaan,
> I was born in The Netherlands and served in the Dutch Royal Army, also at the then IRON CURTAIN in Germany within NATO forces. As such I understand the Dutch language. I presented (from Australia) my submission and various concerns about the break up of the plane where it appeared to me that the rivet holes showed that the rivits were pulled through the skin, as such the skin too weak where the rivets were, and showed with images this to be so. My document can be downloaded from 
> I also referred to that the investigators in my view "assumed' that there was a BUK of the Russians, which I held was not for it to do so, etc..I further provided another detailed submission as to the documentation that were showing that not the resistance but the Ukraine army actually had been in the place but that the Ukraine Army had later claimed otherwise.
> I also indicated that its images used by the Dutch investigation to explain the events was troublesome as to how the plane (MH17) was downed.
> The Dutch Government acknowledged my contributions to the investigation albeit did not correct its set out (Dutch / English).
> In my view from the material I read and watched on videos I have little doubt that MH17 was downed in mid air by another plane. 
> I also held that the initial report of the investigators without shed of evidence alleged a BUK from a certain area and claiming by this no other such weapon existed. in the area. The original investigation was conducted as not to lay blame against anyone as that was beyond the legal authority of the investigation team.  It was to investigate for safety standards. As such, to claim no other BUK was in the area was beyond its legal authority to do so. Neither did it provide any evidence why no other BUK was in the area. Regardless if a BUK was or was not involved the issue was that I made clear that in my view the investigators had made a claim which was not substantiated with any evidence, and neither was it for it to make such a claim. 
> Gerrit

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