Freedom of Speech: Islam Goes Apeshit over Charlie Hebdo Muhammad Cartoons Repub, Quran Eating, and Successful Critical Analysis

grarpamp grarpamp at
Sat Dec 5 05:15:23 PST 2020

Would be less murder in streets, and war,
if world evolved away from being under all its
various radical / radicalizable, non tolerant religions.
Rank them all ordered by both historical and current risks,
lack of freedom to others, oppression, unprovables,
mutually exclusive, incompatibility, lies, combative, etc.  Bizarro Islam

"Never will succeed such a nation as makes a woman their ruler. --
Muhammad, Bukhari 92:50"

So Democrats-Leftists Joe Biden (the Islam Apologist who
openly wants to indoctrinate US children to Islam in public
schools, and states that he is a "Transition president",
and that it's a "Harris administration", and that he would
"Fall sick and resign" [perhaps by saying he feels as if his
aorta had been severed?])... would be apostate penalty
if they installed Kamala.

Seems Dems are in conflict and have to update their platform
to remove either Kamala or Islam (preferably both).

"The standard narrative has holes in it -- Sheikh Yasir Qadhi, the
Self Censor and Deleter"  Remix version  Regime of Censorship and Lies  Fill the holes  Lies x 2

Thus sayeth the internet.

Praize Zeus.

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