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This 12+ year old sub filled with info and links is at very high
risk of deletion under new Regime of Internet Censorship.
Archiving and Redistribution recommended ASAP.
Thousands of subs at risk. See /r/datahoarder for tooling / help.


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Welcome to /r/911truth! The purpose of this subreddit is to present
and discuss evidence showing that the US Government's version of the
events of 9/11 cannot possibly be true.

Links of Interest

    A Structural Reevaluation of the Collapse of World Trade Center 7
- Final Report | University of Alaska Fairbanks
    New Paper on WTC ‘Collapses’ Adds to Literature Refuting
Progressive Collapse Theory
    Twin Towers Structural Drawing Books
    WTC7 Simulation Evaluation - Kostack Studio
    5 Dancing Israelis - FBI & Police Reports
    Lawyers' Committee for 911 Inquiry
    Peer Review in Controversial Topics - A Case Study of 9/11
    The 9/11 Dataset Project
    9/11 Transcripts and Police Reports
    Tony Szamboti AMA in /r/911Truth
    Europhysics Magazine Article - 15 Years Later: On The Physics of
High-Rise Building Collapses ~ Jones/Korol/Szamboti/Walter
    Challenge Journal of Structural Mechanics - Performance-based fire
protection of office buildings: A case study based on the collapse of
WTC 7 ~ Korol/Greening/Heerema (2015) (PDF)
    Challenge Journal of Structural Mechanics - The collapse of WTC 7:
A re-examination of the “simple analysis” approach ~
Korol/Heerema/Sivakumaran (2016) (PDF)
    NIST Refuses To Release Data Needed For Peer Review (2009) (PDF)
    Corbett - Research Into Participants
    Chandler - 9/11 Hard Evidence
    Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World
Trade Center Catastrophe ~
(2009) (PDF)
    A peer-reviewer of the "Active Thermitic Materials" paper
identifies himself... Great! (2010)
    9/11 History Archive: A World Trade Center Collapse Investigative Resource


    History Commons - Complete 9/11 Timeline
    9/11 television news archive
    9/11 Truth Megapost
    Foreknowledge Megapost


    Calling Out Bravo 7 : The 2020 Edition
    Explanation of the Evidence at the Pentagon on 9/11 - Video Series | 2019
    Stand for the Truth: A Government Researcher Speaks Out | 2017
    9/11: Identify | 2017 (Removed from YouTube)
    Incontrovertible | 2015
    9/11: Decade of Deception | 2015
    911: Simulations | 2014
    Skygate - 9/11 | 2014
    9/11: The Best Physical Evidence of Explosives - Chandler | 2014
    September 11 - The New Pearl Harbor | 2013
    Inside 9/11 - 7 Facts | 2012
    9/11: Explosive Evidence | 2012
    War Is Always By Deception | 2011
    9/11: Intercepted | 2011
    9/11: A Conspiracy Theory | 2011
    Improbable Collapse 9/11 | 2010
    Loose Change: An American Coup | 2009
    Zero: An Investigation Into 9/11 | 2008
    9/11 - Ripple Effect | 2007
    9/11 - Press For Truth | 2006
    A New Standard for Deception: The NIST WTC Report | 2006

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    Dr Daniele Ganser: Ten Years after 9 11

a community for 12 years

Eyewitness who was INSIDE talks about an explosion in the basement
that destroyed the elevators and pushed him to save a man from there,
his name is Kenneth Johannemann (he committed suicide in August 2008)
: https://youtu.be/NceH_g2rQTg?t=41

Janitor who was INSIDE witnessed big explosion that shocked him at the
basement BEFORE the plane impact :

Two eyewitnesses INSIDE the first building say that the lobby was
totally destroyed by explosion BEFORE the plane impact :

Witness say that an explosion destroyed the Lobby BEFORE a plane hit
the first building : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I2uKVfQDrJw

Firefighters who had the lobby collapse on them (censored on youtube)

Eyewitness who was INSIDE speaks about an explosion at the 8th floor
of WTC 7 (his name is Barry Jennings, he died in hospital in August
2008) : https://youtu.be/5LO5V2CJpzI?t=16

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