Cryptocurrency: Chainalysis Stifling Crypto Adoption Begs Tort, Privacy Coins, More Darknet Markets

grarpamp grarpamp at
Fri Dec 4 11:50:27 PST 2020

> Chainanalysis cops

They and their business model of fucking you and your private trades
over, spying everyones lives, feeding the tax men tools to support more
murder and war, perpetuating fintech GovCorp regulation regimes, etc...
will die off when people wake the fuck up from that dataveillance nightmare
and create and shift to better privacy coins over better darknets and
RFNets over new p2p DropGangs enterprises.

Their biased Anti-Freedom report didn't say a word about ZEC and XMR,
and even those two are legacy privacy coin designs that will die from
having to carry around their ever growing blockchains.

They failed to mention the names of any current markets,
especially all the ones where you can buy and sell all your
housewares, makeables, computer parts and gig services,
cars, etc... including distributed markets like OpenBazaar
and others.

Nor did they mention not just any privacy coins, but any privacy
services such as JoinMarket, CashFusion, BlockDX, Bisq, etc.

But they do still love writing about Marijuana, and supporting proselytizing
advocating conspiring in facilitating and provding direct consultancy to
GovCorp perpetration of countless CRIMES of THEFT,
and to banksters locking peoples business livelihoods, etc...

People really should start filing tort and civil rights claims against
Chainalysis and the other companies doing the same thing.
There are thousands of test cases over 10 years to choose from.
And these companies have mountains of evil GovCorp money
readily mineable by good attorneys willing to work on contingency.
In fact, its probably easier / profitable to mine them than to mine
bitcoin, and lawsuits bog these corps down with disruption delay
and intimidation of legal uncertainty environment in the process ;)

Call it fair payback for stifling raping and FUDding crypto adoption
and promise of peace love and crypto freedom around the world.

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