[OT] Conspiracy Joke

Cecilia Tanaka cecilia.tanaka at gmail.com
Thu Dec 3 15:09:22 PST 2020

On Thu, Dec 3, 2020, 14:01 Karl <gmkarl at gmail.com> wrote:

I was brainwashed.

Karl, follow coderman's advice and be nicer with yourself.

Your brain can run Java Script and have some bugs in this moment, but you
can code a better destiny for you, learn another languages, appreciate
different coding styles and cute useful codes...  Say "Hello World!" and go
on, live your life!!!  <3

In last case, please do _not_ give up, just try the "full stack overflow"
until you feel better, okay?  Sounds so "powerful", doesn't it?  :)

Take your time for healing.  Be well, please.  <3
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