Internet: Air Filled Fiber Optic Cables

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Wed Dec 2 17:12:36 PST 2020

The Internet might actually become a literal series of Tubes...
H. Sakr et al.: Hollow core optical fibres with comparable attenuation
to silica fibres between 600 and 1100 nm, Nature Communications,
11(1), 6030 (2020); DOI: 10.1038/s41467-020-19910-7

Nested Anti-resonant Nodeless Fibre (NANF)
University of Southampton Optoelectronics Research Center have
demons­trated that guiding light through air filled fibers offers a
potential way to overcome this insur­mountable attenuation limit set
by the glass’s scattering. tubes

Old dotbomb way would be p2p punks today securing cheap
IDRU's and ROW over old glut fiber to be lit 20yr from now.
New BTC way... lay your own, or go RF.

For over 50 years, pure or doped silica glass optical fibres have been
an unrivalled platform
for the transmission of laser light and optical data at wavelengths
from the visible to the near
infra-red. Rayleigh scattering, arising from frozen-in density
fluctuations in the glass, fun-
damentally limits the minimum attenuation of these fibres and hence
restricts their appli-
cation, especially at shorter wavelengths. Guiding light in hollow
(air) core fibres offers a
potential way to overcome this insurmountable attenuation limit set by
the glass's scattering,
but requires reduction of all the other loss-inducing mechanisms. Here
we report hollow core
fibres, of nested antiresonant design, with losses comparable or lower
than achievable in solid
glass fibres around technologically relevant wavelengths of 660, 850,
and 1060 nm. Their
lower than Rayleigh scattering loss in an air-guiding structure offers
the potential for
advances in quantum communications, data transmission, and laser power delivery.

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