ASSASSINPHONE 2027 with new cash-flow-enhancement

professor rat pro2rat at
Wed Dec 2 14:41:34 PST 2020

You're alone in Night City - its dark - and you're being stalked by Nazi-Reeve-Fags. What do you do?
Fear is the mindkiller. You can't use fear here.  Never mind their lack of bollocks just do what I do. Whip out the latest Killer-App, Assassinphone 2027. Its got all your old favorites - point and shoot, fire and forget, launch and leave and drag and drop lethal functionalities and now also includes crypto UBI, Stiffs on speed-dial and predator-drone-capability. 
When you absolutely, positively have to kill every Nazi-Fag muthafucka in the chat-room.
Assassinphone 2027 enhanced - the future keeps happening. 
Feel the power - live the dream and...welcome to the revolution!

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