Deep Mind reportedly folds proteins like a Boss

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> 'human trafficking' you mean kidnapping people and putting them in jail?

there are some distinctly american ways of abusing people for profit in the USA.

one of these is involuntary commitment. by decreeing you unsane and locking you up, you become a profit generator for the corporations that feed off the state.

if you don't have family to advocate for you, or if medical people override your familial supports, you're stuck in a system for as long as it is profitable to keep you there. (usually a month or two, sometimes years, sometimes forever)

note that you may not be "unsane", but simply old or disabled, and then your assets are seized as you become a "ward of the state" to "take care of you".  this cohort is not just prisoners!

i have yet to see a solid number on this fraud, but even modest estimates give tens of thousands of lives ruined through courts for private profit every year.

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