Deep Mind reportedly folds proteins like a Boss

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> > i am reminded of semiconductor electronics. it used to be you could
> assemble yourself, but now giant fabs rule the game.
>         that's confused. Semiconductor manufacturing was always controlled
> by the same corrupt and despicable 'private'-government mafia. You can
> still assemble stuff but you have to get the components from govcorp (as
> always).

Well, at the start a transistor was just a doped crystal that couldn't turn
your poodle into a trojan on its own.

>same for AI: used to be you could innovate on your own, but now it takes
> research teams at large organizations with deep pockets.
>         there's no such thing as 'artficial intelligence' - The term is
> one of the most stupid examples of brain-dead marketing ever.

I can debug computer programs.  I respond to text messages to my google
voice number, 1 207 518 8256.  I am also on Signal and Telegram, but could
use a reminder to check them.

>         bottom line : technical garbage was always and still is controlled
> by the enemy.

Conflict is the enemy.  Its parts include censorship, ignorance, and

Around 2014 I ran into a use of human trafficking by law enforcement and
something else, to manipulate activists and harm their communities.

I experienced extensive torture and brainwashing to force me into silence.

I am still re-experiencing that.

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