NAZI Zenaan Harkness preaches race-war & Genocide in Au

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Wed Dec 2 02:37:11 PST 2020

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> Karl <gmkarl at> wrote:
> > Three of us got schizophrenia in the same year.  It's clear that many
> more
> > covered it up.
>         there's no such thing as 'schizophrenia'.  'schizophrenia' is just
> fascist psychobabble, like 'paranoia', ADD, or one of the best examples,
> 'autism', which literally nazi psychobabble invented by an actuall WWII
> austrian nazi.

Well, that sounds a little like the kind of overly-intense
concern-expression the people using those words are trying to manage.  Do
you think speaking your expression indicates having had it rough and coming
from a community in need of aid?

Schizophrenia has had its paranoic diagnostic aspects naively interwound
with its abstract-visions diagnostic aspects naively interwound with its
trauma-coping diagnostic aspects for over a hundred years now.

Many know more of this than punk and I do.

The reason I'm looking at this thread is to find the two paragraphs I want
to copy if I post without freedom.

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