Could someone add news of Cypherpunks Archive forgery to the Talk page of the Wikipedia Cypherpunks Article? +Journalists

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> >     maybe watch this video?

> >>     he mentions AP as part of the 'bad politics' of the list...
>> Such words could perhaps be throwing FUD at both free speech
>> and at different new ideas and change for the world. To be fair,
>> the context should be reviewed.

>    the 'context' is linked. He flatly states there were 'bad politics' in teh cpunks list and AP was one example of it. 

While I cannot be expected to be unbiased, I have long thought and said that anybody who claims to "oppose AP" should be asked to explain what he means by that.  A person who can say, with a straight face, that he likes everything about today's world can be expected to oppose AP.  He thinks no solution is necessary, including AP.  But I think many people who very much don't like the world also say they oppose AP.   Okay, what is their alternative?   Do they think they have some sort of 'magic solution' to fix what I claim AP will fix?  All militaries?  Nuclear weapons?  All war?
Abouty 250 million people were killed in the 20th century alone, by government.  See  But the guy who proposed that term, Rummell, inexplicably omits killings caused by war, when it is virtually always the leadership which causes such wars.  A distinction without a difference, I say.
They might claim that AP won't work, or can't work, or won't be allowed to work.  But few seem to do that, now.  In 1995, it might have been thought that an AP-type system could not be implemented.  Maybe it was too complicated, they might have said at the time.  But history hasn't supported this.   Ethereum/Augur is not truly an "assassination market", because it is not possible under their policy (as I understand it) to give a huge payoff to one individual who correctly "predicts" the desired outcome.   This policy could be changed, and their system modified to allow truly anonymous payoffs which, nevertheless, prove themselves to have been done.


>> >     "I ran one of the first mailing archives for this...which became really
>> > interesting legally later" (whatever that means...)
>> And if his archive is shown via comparison with other archives
>> to have holes in it...

 >   That has already been done...Furthermore, so far, 'his' archive is The Only Archive...

This means, I think, that he has a special responsibility to find the problem and expose it.   How he reacts to this, will tell us much.

>> were they perhaps caused by [extra]legal
>> interactions? Volunteership? Bias? Something completely
>> mundane and innocent?

>    it's technically possible that it's just 'coincidence' and that the 5 missing months were accidentally lost. Still, who in his sane mind would 'trust' a source like lackey? Fuck, even his surname is a joke.

One of the problems with allowing people to simply "volunteer" is that betrayers can "volunteer" themselves into a position of control.  Like Steven Walsh, acting under the phony name "Steve Wilson", did in the MCCLC (Multnomah County Common Law Court) in 1996.  He actually induced a trial that the Feds later complained about.   Isn't that called "agent provocateur"?
            Jim Bell

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