Scientists Accidentally Recreate Big Bang Detonation in the Lab

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Wed Nov 6 17:50:41 PST 2019

On Thu, 7 Nov 2019 09:10:34 +1000
jamesd at wrote:

> The explosion was the three dimensions of space and the dimension of 
> time coming into being, distance becoming large enough to be meaningful, 

	So, here's the basics : 

	Time and Space are the stage where physical reality happens. If there are no Time and Space, then nothing can happen. If there's no Time, nothing moves. And Time can't start to magically flow at some 'time'(LMAO), just because. Then again, Our Lord Scientists aren't bothered by Causality are they. 

	Notice that the pieces of jew-kristian shit like to believe that their cunt-god 'exists' outside of time and space. And that is, of course, religious bullshit. And now we have the same charlatans pretending that 'before'(LMAO!!!) the 'big bang', the universe too existed outside of time. You might want to learn the difference between physics and metaphysical speculation. 

	"time coming into being" Yeah, time and space 'being created'. Hey John, did I mention that this is all creationist bullshit? See, your friend James parrots it to a tee as well =) You're in a good company eh? =)

> so that it became possible for space and time to even have 
> dimensionality, and then rapidly becoming enormous, so enormous that 
> stuff that was once in the same place as us,  

	"same place as us"? Dude, you can't be that fucking retarded can you? =) 

	Yes YOU CAN! The stupid cunt wants to claim both that there was 'no space' and that all matter of the universe was "in the same PLACE as us".

> there being no other place, 

> indeed no places at all, 

	This is too much =) The cunt isn't contradicting itself only once per sentence. Every word he writes is a contradiction =)

>is now so distant as to be outside our light 
> cone, and likely to remain forever outside our light cone.

	amen brother - keep preachin!!

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