CryptoAnarchy: 3D Gun Community Moves to the Distributed Underground

Razer g2s at
Tue May 21 08:26:40 PDT 2019

>He then went on to cite the many police shootings of unarmed black men
>in American, specifically mentioning Stephon Clark. Clark, 22, was
>shot to death by police in his own back garden while holding nothing
>but a mobile phone. “I believe it is inherently important that … you
>should be able to own a gun,” Ivan continued. “You should be able to
>own the same legal force that the cops are using to control you.”

Yeah sure. Black people all OVER MeriKKKa own 3-D printers and shit.

Just another rightwing cyrpto-racist snowflake in abject fear of the world around him (hence the overwhelming 'need' for a firearm) hiding behind the belief that what he's doing is somehow liberating to everyone.

>Referring to the mounting list of civilian killings carried about by
>US forces in foreign wars, Ivan sounds at times more like a radical
>leftist than the right wing “gun nut” many in America label him as. He
>claims not to have any specific ideology though, saying: “I get to be
>my own special snowflake.”

Right... Snowflake.

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