Huawei confirms it has it's own OS in case US tensions disrupt use of Android

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Mon May 20 15:40:30 PDT 2019

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> South China Morning Post
> That 'tension' IS occurring right now.
> BBC: Huawei's use of Android restricted by Google

	haha that's so ridiculous - the 'commie' chinese govt has been using google-NSA crapware since day zero, so chinese 'commies' are fuckign retards. And now, to make the self parody even more ridiculous, the google jews are 'not allowing' the chinese govt to use their crapware? In other words, google-pentagon-jehova is now  doing a favor to the chinese by 'punishig' them.

	In reality the chinese govt is too stupid and corrupt to not be controlled by the americunts so they will stick to google-NSA.

ps: how long does it take to write an OS from scratch? Couple of months for one person? 

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dont you have a linux tablet? 

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