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Fri May 17 19:41:35 PDT 2019

On 5/16/19 6:18 PM, jim bell wrote:
> Air Force has deployed missiles that could fry electronics of Iran https://mol.im/a/7037549 via http://dailym.ai/android

The article as a whole reads like a "defense" contractor's press
release:  Bombastic, overblown, factually inaccurate (i.e. pretends real
hard that facilities can not be hardened against super-duper microwave
beams), and even includes this barb against anyone who would dare
deprive the contractor of Yuge cash payouts:

> Because of sequestration budget cuts, the CHAMP missiles did not become operational under the Obama administration.

Here's a cheap laugh:

> The missile is equipped with an electromagnetic pulse cannon. This uses a super-powerful microwave oven to generate a concentrated beam of energy.

And right in the middle of the article, apropos of nothing, this
non-sequitur appears:

> One of those laboratories, Sandia National Laboratories, has been developing robots the size of insects that could assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong-un with deadly toxins. 
> These robotic weapons using nanotechnology employed in surgical operations in hospitals are being developed secretly with funding by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. 

Far be it from me to cry "old news!", but I read all about that project,
sitting in the Central Kitsap Jr. High library in 1973:


What that has to do with using drone-mounted microwave ovens to destroy
all the electronics in shielded bunkers, I have no clue.


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