The One Argument

Ryan Carboni 33389 at
Thu May 16 14:13:20 PDT 2019

I found the website unconvincing. There is only one argument that can be made against any genuinely oppressive institution (funny how examinations into the why in history has never lead to any workable suggestions other than don't do it again).

So here is the one argument: If the principles or ideals that your institution represents are legitimate, why is there excessive secrecy, or does your institution only believe loyal individuals can understand their policies or goals?

On a side note, what is the legal culpability of someone who wasn't on the radar of an investigation, is alleged to be involved by a third party already admittedly unreliable due to lies, as a result, the first party faces the full brunt of an investigation for a decade while the third party goes off scott free? This is one of self-evident impropriety things.

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