Cryptocurrency: Magical Crypto Conf - Privacy Protocol Talks

grarpamp grarpamp at
Sun May 12 20:58:51 PDT 2019

#MCC2019 Day 1 and 2

Monero Talk - Privacy Coin Channel
Max Keiser waffles privacy voluntarism hints
unprincipled goldbug riches.
with bonus... Bitcoin Sign Guy with Bitcoin Bull

Too many shitcoins

Fluffypony Spagni Monero

BTC > 21M = hypocrisy

Random privacy coin talk fintech andrew poelstra @jwweatherman @jwweatherman Space eval

For any cryptocurrency to be a true global success it
needs some p2p distributed base layer privacy protocol
and at in/out/exchange etc, else it has too little
resistance to States / Fiat whim and ends up
becoming a pointless GovBankCorp Fiat Coin.

Politicians LOVE having their own privacy, so
advertise and give them the tech as such.

Zcash MimbleWimble Grin Beam Monero Coinjoin
Wasabi Samourai Joinmarket Bisq DEX... more to come.

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