In European Election Pirate Parties against Massive Surveillance

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Sun May 12 12:47:53 PDT 2019

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> Hi all,
> i'm supporting Pirate Party (in Italy) for EU Election, 

	"if you vote, you have no right to complain" - 	george carlin

And some fascist nuggets from the self identified 'pirates' : 

* "to ensure the effectiveness of law enforcement, Pirates demand..."

* "protection against crime is an important responsibility of the state." 

* "[because of surveillance] at best, crime simply shifts to other spaces" 

Except, there's surveillance everywhere. So wait, you just completely shot yourself on the foot and admited that mass surveillance everyhwere 'works' - How FUCKINGLY RETARDED are you 'pirates'? 

* "Pirates...would prioritize the movement of police personnel from monitoring duties, to patrolling the streets."

YEAH! Put more police scum on the streets! Protect the children!!

*"Pirates support well-reflected measures to keep us safe " 

Bottom line : keep begging your masters to keep you 'safe'. You have everything figured out eh. Such an amazing display of political culture...

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