Former US intel analyst arrested for leaking DroneWar dox

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>> If this took place before The Intercept burned Reality Winner, shame on
>> The Intercept.  If it took place after, shame on the leaker.

>Postscript:  The Reality Winner incident did come /after/ the
>publication of docs apparently submitted to The Intercept by Daniel
>Hale.  So, he had no obvious way to know where NOT to send TS dox.

Years ago, I recall reading that early on in the history of inkjet printers, even 1990, 'features' were built in the printers to detect if the printed document "looked like" a US dollar, small yellow dots, precisely placed to encode source data, were written over the face of the document.It seemed to me that removing the yellow cartridge, plus a thorough exhausting of the residual material, would improve the security.
Based on what I heard, it wasn't clear that such security dots, or other features, were used for non-currency-counterfeiting applications.   It sounds from these recent incidents as if inkjet printers are putting identifiable information on virtually any printouts.
                    Jim Bell

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