Diplomat suffered memory loss while stationed in China.

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Sat May 11 00:56:09 PDT 2019

Any published works on acoustic, magnetic, electrical,
physical excitation resonance modes resulting in
molecular disruptive disassociation within the bran?
Would not be surprised if there were many ways
to basically emulsify everyone in a workspace
over time, likely without feeling any pain, with
something like ceiling tile or in wall radiators.
Bonus if standard TSCM sweeps don't pick it up.
Also neuroactive air, food, water, and tactile
biochemical poisons... a little spritz on the
keyboard, the doorknob, the morning newspaper.

Up until the last 100 years, all living things
had only to deal with Earth itself, sea,
atmosphere, lightning wind storm, solar
and galactic. So us fleshbags probably not
doing too well with all this new EM radiation,
industrial chems and particles saturating our space.

And now you want to throw nation state
top secret mind warfare anti-personnel exploit
research labs into the mix?

All them supercomputers doing "protein folding" to
"cure cancer"... nope... it's a fucking prion puree mate,
customized to the DNA coming out the embassies
through sewers and the bin.

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