PS0 ftw :)

Zenaan Harkness zen at
Thu May 9 20:27:37 PDT 2019

The following should be on one line in .bashrc (or any other shell
supporting PS0 I guess):

 export PS0='\[\033[48;5;46m\]\[\033[38;5;0m\]\D{%Y%m%d}@\t\[\033[00m\]\n'

To think of finding this after 27 years of 'nux, on a whim of "that
would be a good idea, Bash should have a patch made for auto
timestamping of each command just before it runs from the command
line, rather than just in the prompt string PS1; oh wait, let's
double check man bash und (note the Germanic variant of "and" for the
TDS win) see if there's anything related to PS1; oh hallelujah,
there's something called PS0, of course, that is the logical way to do
this, thank you God's of MUH Bash bros (Muh United Hackers of Bash)"

Most likely it was every man and his dog who's ever used a command
prompt before, excepting my extraordinarily humble self, who already
knew of PS0.

Enjoy ;0

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