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Assange told the court: "I do not wish to surrender myself for extradition
for doing journalism that has won many awards and protected many people."

After two months of confinement, and using every legal mechanism
available so far, I
can - without any hesitation - state that nothing that will convince
me to testify
before this or any other grand jury for that matter. This experience
so far only proves
my long held belief that grand juries are simply outdated tools used
by the federal
government to harass and disrupt political opponents and activists in fishing
expeditions. Without committing a federal crime, and after exhaustive
testimony at a
trial several years ago, I am again ripped from my life by a
vindictive and politically-
motivated investigation and prosecution. The way I am being treated
proves what a
corrupt and abusive tool the grand jury truly is. With each passing day my
disappointment and frustration grow, but so too do my commitments to doing the
right thing and continuing to refuse to submit.
My decision not to testify before grand juries is rooted in the study
of history and
philosophical principles. Many times in this nation’s history, people
who speak out or
express dissent against the government face disproportionate
repression. One of the
most common tools to silence dissent, the grand jury, attempts to sow
distrust within
activists’ organizations and communities through secrecy and
compelling exhaustive
and redundant testimony aimed at identifying other members of that community.
I believe my principles allow me to focus on helping others, and to
challenge the use
of power to coerce or manipulate people. Such coercive power forms
what I define as
“violence,” and the “threat of violence” which powerful institutions attempt to
accumulate to obtain more power.
This justifies my theory that participating in this investigation functions
simply to abuse the justice system for political ends.
I believe this grand jury seeks to undermine the integrity of public
discourse with the
aim of punishing those who expose any serious, ongoing, and systemic abuses of
power by this government, as well as the rest of the international community.
Therefore, participating in this fishing expedition - which
potentially exposes other
innocent people to the grand jury process - would constitute an
unjustifiable and
unethical action.
I am not willing to compromise for my own physical benefit.
Jail, and prison, exist as an archaic institution hiding the basest
stream of dehumanizing and
humiliating behaviors by the government.
I wish to return home. I want to return to my work — writing,
speaking, consulting,
and teaching.
I can
either go to jail or betray my principles. The latter exists as a much
worse prison than
the government can construct.
I digress a bit - but the point is, I’m not going to change my mind.
Not now, not ever.
So be it.



> #FreeEveryone

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