temporary fix for disabled Firefox extensions

Razer g2s at riseup.net
Sat May 4 12:51:19 PDT 2019

Steve Kinney posted this fix elsewhere. Be sure to see my addenda below.

"MOZILLA just ripped out /all/ the privacy and security tools I had installed in Firefox, without warning.  When I tried to reinstall them, FIREFOX LIED, presenting a notice indicating a broken web connection to the download site.  

How to fix this:  

1)  Open a new tab, and type the address about:config

2)  Ignore and click through the warning.

3)  Search for xpinstall.signatures.required, and toggle the value from true to false

4)  Search for extensions.langpacks.signatures.required and toggle the setting from true to false

Then reinstall your extensions if necessary.

Maybe one in 50 to 100 Firefox users would even know where to begin looking for a way to fix this.  Right now I am not at all happy with Mozilla.  To put it very mildly."

"Did that, restarted browser, NoScript and and uBlock origin still inactive with signature warning. Went to Add-ons page. Instead of install buttons there were enable buttons. clicked and restarted the browser. Works now. Not wasting my time to see if resetting the about:configs to true makes the enable button at the add-on page disappear or not

Went looking for a fix last night but none were android specific and I didn't know the exact config terms because I'd always used an add-on that disabled the sig requirements in my computer's version of Firefox."

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On May 3, 2019 9:06:04 PM PDT, Mirimir <mirimir at riseup.net> wrote:
>| All extensions disabled due to expiration of intermediate signing
>See https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=19823928 for workarounds in
>MacOS and Linux.
>I posted to tor-talk, but my account may be blocked. So maybe someone
>could post if it doesn't show up soon.
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