Censorship: Facebook Bans Dozen More People, World Press Freedom Day Isn't

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Fri May 3 00:48:55 PDT 2019

 I believe today Facebook also banned Louis Farrakhan, but that was a transparent effort to appear 'even handed' while actually going after conservative (and probably libertarian groups) as well.   Farrakhan has been a 'hater' for well over 30 years.  Waiting until now to ban him is laughingly pretextual.  
                     Jim Bell

    On Friday, May 3, 2019, 12:41:26 AM PDT, grarpamp <grarpamp at gmail.com> wrote:  

Facebook has imposed a ban on a new dozen far-right
individuals and groups...

British National Party
Nick Griffin
English Defence League
Paul Ray
National Front
Tony Martin
Britain First
Paul Golding
Jayda Fransen
Knights Templar
Jim Dowson
Jack Renshaw
Alex Jones
Milo Yiannopoulos
Laura Loomer
Louis Farrakhan
Paul Nehlen
Paul Joseph Watson.
John Earnest
Tommy Robinson

Plus everyone censored off in prior sweeps.

Many millions of combined followers and contributors.
All the top social sites trending censors.

Includes Instagram and all other properties, and all syndication,
and even so much as praise, support for, "representation" and
convo about all censored persons and entities are now triggering
shadow bans, demonetization, account deletion, etc on
various platforms. Even "separatism" right of independance.


Arps will be sentenced on June 14 and faces a maximum penalty of 14
years in prison for the crime of sharing the footage.
New Zealanders can also face up to 10 years prison for “knowingly”
possessing a copy of the Christchurch shooting livestream or the
shooter’s manifesto which he left in the wake of his attack.
Corporations, including web hosts, face an additional $200,000 AUD
fine under the same law for allowing users to have and distribute the
Footage of the attack, including the shooter’s manifesto are illegal
to view, possess and distribute in New Zealand.
Last month, Australian and New Zealand telecommunication companies
were quick to block websites that they thought would distribute the
content, such as ZeroHedge, 8chan and 4chan.
Another New Zealand man, 18, faces up to 28 years in prison for
sharing the livestream.

MP's said the measures were a "necessary first step" and should be
strengthened by independent regulation and financial penalties for
firms that were sluggish to remove material.

Meanwhile, the Islamic terrorist organisation of Hamas is still
permitted to use Facebook and Instagram.

World Press Freedom Day: Jailed for a painting

Today marks World Press Freedom Day. Around the world, hundreds of
journalists are imprisoned for doing their jobs, and the highest
number is in Turkey - according to the Committee to Protect

Zehra Doğan, a Kurdish journalist and artist, was sentenced to nearly
three years in a Turkish jail for painting a picture. Her story gained
worldwide attention in 2018 after Banksy drew a mural calling for her

In jail, Doğan secretly published a newspaper and created materials to
paint. Now released, she is determined to continue sharing stories.  
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