Cryptocurrency: Austrian Econ via Jeffrey Tucker

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Thu May 2 15:03:40 PDT 2019

On 5/2/19, Punk <punks at> wrote:
>>> what THE FUCK is wrong
>> There is a LOT of shit wrong in the world.
> 	correct - so let's take a look at this worthless anti-freedom

> one shouldn't need to explain what sort of enemy facebook-NSA is

Wasn't Facebook on the NSA PRISM slides from day one,
or did they keep that one secret as being too big to fail, lol.

One should explain it to many in real life.


GeoCities, MySpace, FaceBook... all stone age from at least 2004.

Thankfully the net is bringing revolutions well beyond that old crap.
Better and decentralized models for social systems are slowly coming.
Geopolitical economic social change, maybe some #Open*,
maybe even some actual fucking freedom. We will see what happens.
Make it so.

> the catholic church, a worldwide
> theocratic state has been the perfect enemy of freedom for 2000 years? Is
> there anything more STATIST and anti libertarian than the fucking church?

Oh $deity yes, organized religion has very much to answer for.
And is a very formidible opponent and current threat.
Right behind government and whatever else.

> 	"We envision a Church that’s a global leader in blockchain technology "

Blockchain is equal oppurtunity.
Was there ever any expectation that everyone would not get in the game.
Hopefully all will use it for freedom.

> parody

Yes much of the blockchain cryptocurrency space makes
for good laughs, expect their ICO real soon now...


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