Cryptocurrency: Austrian Econ via Jeffrey Tucker

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Thu May 2 11:31:45 PDT 2019

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> > what THE FUCK is wrong
> There is a LOT of shit wrong in the world.

	correct - so let's take a look at this worthless anti-freedom turd, tucker, a turd you've repeatedly promoted. 

	Now, this being the cypherpunks mailing list, one shouldn't need to explain what sort of enemy facebook-NSA is to cpunks values, right?

	So, what does tucker have to say about facebook-NSA? Here

	"Who are the capitalist folk heroes of our time? The Social Network is a film that celebrates one of the greats, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg."

	" Facebook has been the victim of an increasingly vituperative campaign by the intelligentsia. It supposedly violates privacy" (...) 

	" Facebook is all voluntary. It is also free for everyone. " 

	"the drive for money was not the fundamental motivation for the creation of Facebook. Zuckerberg is shown as not caring about money. He cares about doing something creative, great, and pathbreaking." 

	Is that deranged enough for you grarpamp? What's now your take on tucker, who writes that sort of stuff about the NSA, sorry I mean, 'facebook'? 

	But it gets better. Do you know what things like anarchy, theocracy and the catholic church are? 

	Do you understand how fuckingly ridiculous it is for a NSA agent like tucker, who is also a FUCKING CATHOLIC agent, to pretend that he's an 'anarchist'?

	Do you have 1/10th of a clue to see how the catholic church, a worldwide theocratic state has been the perfect enemy of freedom for 2000 years? Is there anything more STATIST and anti libertarian than the fucking church? 

	And wait, the self-parody doesn't end here


	"We envision a Church that’s a global leader in blockchain technology " 

	signed : 'advisor' jeffrey worthless turd tucker

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