Cryptocurrency: Falkvinge Wrecks Bitcoin-BTC Again, 12 Months Later...

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Sun Mar 31 22:52:46 PDT 2019

On Sun, Mar 31, 2019 at 06:18:37PM -0300, Punk wrote:
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> > Seriously, Falkvinge is annoying. Stop promoting him.
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> 	vast majority of what falkvinge says is outright lies and propaganda. And the same time falkvinge forgets to mention the problems that his own altcoin(bcash) has. 
> 	In the case of bcash, huge blocks will lead to the system being
> 	centralized and controlled by a few players at best. In the case
> 	of lightning it's quite possible that the system ends up dominated
> 	by a few big nodes or 'banks'. 

In the case of "Lightning" DC system, not only is it likely that the
system shall end up dominated by a few big nodes, but that is its
fundamental design and guaranteed outcome - the only real argument in
the Lightning DC system is who out of current players dominates over
the others - the Federal Reserve system banks, or the commercial
players such as Facebook, Ebay, Amazon etc...

> 	But with lightning it should still be possible for smaller players
> 	to provide routing. Now, if global govcorp requires their serfs to
> 	get a 'banking license' to run some p2p software on their personal
> 	computers, then we are obviously completely fucked and blaming the
> 	victim (the LN), like falkvinge does, is pretty stupid. 

Well there's the heart of the problem.

Existing power structures self proclaim to legislate away our rights.

What do we do?

> 	All in all, the 'scaling' problem in cryptocurrecies is far from being solved. 

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