Cryptocurrency: Falkvinge Wrecks Bitcoin-BTC Again, 12 Months Later...

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> Seriously, Falkvinge is annoying. Stop promoting him.

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	vast majority of what falkvinge says is outright lies and propaganda. And the same time falkvinge forgets to mention the problems that his own altcoin(bcash) has. 

	In the case of bcash, huge blocks will lead to the system being centralized and controlled by a few players at best. In the case of lightning it's quite possible that the system ends up dominated by a few big nodes or 'banks'. 

	But with lightning it should still be possible for smaller players to provide routing. Now, if global govcorp requires their serfs to get a 'banking license' to run some p2p software on their personal computers, then we are obviously completely fucked and blaming the victim (the LN), like falkvinge does, is pretty stupid. 

	All in all, the 'scaling' problem in cryptocurrecies is far from being solved. 


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