The Libertarian As Conservative

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Wed Mar 27 12:41:36 PDT 2019

On 3/27/19 2:25 PM, Punk wrote:
> On Tue, 26 Mar 2019 19:06:03 -0400
> Steve Kinney <admin at> wrote:
>> Between Libertarian and Conservative I see differences in belief and
>> style, but not in motives and actions. 
> 	yes in practice all that 'libertarians' do is wprk and praise google, goldman sachs, facebook and all teh rest of corporate criminals. 
>> I would not describe
>> Libertarians as "Conservatives who do drugs," but maybe as
>> "Conservatives who have no use for fundamentalist religion."  I think
>> that hits the mark squarely.
> 	well that's funny because there actually are a lot of 'libertarians' who are fully deranged theocrats - many of them are part of the lew rockwell mafia and the 'institute'  - 	see for reference 
> 	scum like  rockwell and jeffrey tucker(promoted in this list by grarpamp) are 'anarcho' CATHOLICS (infinite self parody)  - but since they are really 'tolerant' they are accomplices of protestant nutcase north who wants to...stone heretics (no, I'm not making this shit up).
> 	So, the views of many 'libertarians' on jew-kkkristian religion are actually straight from the dark ages. There are very very few libertarians who speak against organized religion, also known as organized fraud but the  majority of 'libertarians' are actual religious fraudsters or accomplices who 'tolerate' fraud and theocracy. 

I guess it just shows to go ya:  I must hang out with a hip crowd.  I,
too, would have to cite media personalities appearing in propaganda
placements, to name a Libertarian who embraces the Religous Reich agenda.

I am sure such folks must exist, somewhere (and that there is pr0n of
it), but I would view THEM as Libertarian Heretics, who definitely need
to get stoned, preferably on a Sunday morning.  if 250 micrograms
doesn't do it, double the dose.


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