Despotism, Democracy; Encyclopedia Britannica short films

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Tue Mar 26 23:09:13 PDT 2019

On 3/27/19, Ryan Carboni <33389 at> wrote:

> Everyone should be allowed to come to their own conclusion about events.
>  I do not think there is a more succinct explanation of what democracy vs
> despotism is in those two short films.

Some have concluded that...

"Democracy" aka you immorally trying to force others to
do whatever stupid shit you want, like stealing from them
and giving it to yourself and outright murdering them, by
"voting" in Rulers aka Kings that then go on to traitor
everyone and fuck you over however they want...
is generally recognized as Decentralized yet Coordinated
plain old Despotism... dressed up to look sexy luring
your participation, acting over longer periods of time,
spreading out the blame and attack surface.

All of history shows that "democracy" is nothing special,
they all have failed, and all extant today will also fail in time.

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