Decentralization as Imperatice [was: The Libertarian As Conservative]

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Tue Mar 26 21:43:25 PDT 2019

On Tue, Mar 26, 2019 at 05:16:02PM -0700, Stephen D. Williams wrote:
> On 3/26/19 5:05 PM, coderman wrote:
> > 
> > > What are you talking about?  Do you assume often?  If you would have
> > > read any of my last 30 years of writing on the Internet, you would
> > > know that I am diametrically opposed to the Catholic mindset, in the
> > > sense you are ascribing.  Do your research.
> > > 
> > ok.
> > then tell me: what is this decentralized wrong committed by every human?
> I didn't say that there is a decentralized wrong being committed by
> every human.  You were seemingly arguing against any centralized
> system, that only decentralized systems were valid and workable, or
> at least were far better.  I disagree, depending on what you mean
> by centralized / decentralized in each sense.

Centralized vs decentralized is missing the point of libertarian (or
what used to be known as libertarian before Republican/
"Conservative"/ Libertarian owned much of the dance.

> We need,

Presumptive handwaving.

> and have, a mostly centralized system of government


> underpinning, agreed upon law system,

English common law system:

 - Magna Carta

 - William and Mary Cess II bill of rights

 - common law as the age old customs of our community

which is now largely usurped into a Sandhedrin legal system.

 - "common law" as judicial precedent only

 - "Supreme" courts of supposedly "unlimited" jurisdiction over all

 - courts, by force of police, guns, licenses and jail, upholding the
   self proclaimed supreme power of the parliament to legislate
   against any and every 'human right' for ever and for whatever

 - the overwhelming domination of law by state-sanctioned monopoly
   "right" of lawyers, solicitors, barristers etc, who charge
   inordinate and incredible sums of shekels, leaving justice
   unattainable and essentially non-existent for the majority of
   humans living "under the umbrella of the West and its laws"

 - laws, via political donations to "representatives", essentially
   for sale to the highest corporate bidder

> economics (largely),

Completely, yet incredibly impressively, whilst illegally and
immorally, undermined fiat ponzi scheme where the power to print
money is usurped by a few families into the privately owned and
operated Federal Reserve money system, unconstitutionally, achieved
often at the point of a gun and/ or by way of murder and blackmail

See also above re laws for sale.

See also endless legal monopolies - infinity copyrights, patents
benefitting almost exclusively the uber wealthy, corporate statutory
rights over every natural resource; every natural resource available
for purchase.

> science, knowledge, etc. 

Need no centralization/ government!

Save your handwaving for the shadows, fascist!

> Generally, that allows us to operate very autonomously and in a
> decentralized way already.

Your cage is guilt, plebe - be happy!

Just try driving to visit some friends without a glorious state-
issued "license to move about within your so called community" for a
few years and tell me how much jail you do for the privilege of
exercising your God given birth rights!

> I seldom see, visit, or interact with the Federal, State, or
> even local government.

Irrelevant to the reality of the freedoms we no longer live,
due to those entities of "government" which we "seldom see or
interact with"!

> I usually interact with regulations only as
> constraints on my decisions and others.

Another straw man!

Some regulation of behaviour will exist in every system, centralized
or decentralized - possie comitatus is merely the formalization of
"Jeb raped my daughter lads, who's coming with me to sort this out?"

One way or another, behaviour will be regulated.

But the problem is that government takes this general expectation of
people in our community that "bad behaviour" will be handled
("regulated"), and instead of say regulating bad driving behaviour,
uses the 'proof of driving competency' (aka driver's license) as a
sledge hammer against our rights, and the opportunity for national
databases, monitoring of location and movement, sells all this data
to Lockheed-Martin Tenix, all whilst trying to pretend "nothing to
see here - you have your freedoms, goy, don't go asking difficult
questions now"!

> Besides paying taxes and benefiting
> from fixed roads, limits to hazards, etc.,

90%+ of the fuel tax we pay, is not spent on the roads.

We were not asked what we wanted our tax money spent on, nor how much
tax we hold is reasonable to collect for group benefits.

The Federal Reserve banking system has illegally and immorally
usurped the power of the state to print its own money - even if you
DO hold that representative democracy is some sort of ultimate good!

Government is largely usurped by the MIC.

Politicians and the organs of state are notoriously corrupt.

> I feel very decentralized and
> self-controlled most of the time.

Your feels are not relevant facts to the state of our freedoms.

Your feels will never bring back even one immorally "droned to death,
like literally" human, with no due process, no oversight, no
transparency, no public dialog, no nothing of any sanity, justice nor
even reasonableness in the eyes of the public.

> You're arguing that disassembling that centralized / decentralized
> system into something more purely decentralized would be better.  I
> don't see it.

Your (collectively) blinkers are unfortunately our greatest problem

> > > Pick one or more aspects of your identity, profession, family, etc.
> > > Imagine when everyone decides they hate that about you and everyone
> > > like you.  They do every single thing that centralized laws now almost
> > > completely prevent.
> > > 
> > give me an example. prove to me that some harm is prevented only in the centralized model?
> Efficiency.

The Ministry speaks:
  “Inefficiency is harm.
   Efficiency is freedom.
   Centralization guarantees your freedom.
   Centralization is the only way to guarantee your freedom,
   efficiently, and correctly.
   Be happy - you are a cog in this world of consumer values.”

Got it Stephen. Makes perfect sense. Thank you for your wisdom.`

>  Trying to create, maintain, and evolve many, many decentralized
> systems at the pace our centralized legal / information / economic / medicine
> / scientific / safety / defense system operates would be far less efficient
> than the system we have now.

  “Inefficiency is harm.

   Decentralization towards individual rights, empowerment and
   exploration of models for community, would be far less efficient
   than what we have today.

   We efficiently fund the world's greatest killing machine.

   We efficiently fund nearly 800 military bases in foreign

   Due to our fiat ponzi scheme, all this killing and domination is
   paid for by fat cat middle brokers, on the backs of the efforts of
   those foreign nations, most of whom will suffer and reality shock
   at the looming USD reset - SO, that is, for us, this system is
   really quite efficient indeed.

   Thank you for your compelled and tacit agreement by default use of
   our fiat ponzi scheme.

   You're welcome, world! Such a happy day.

> > i continue to assert this is a cop out - there is nothing fundamentally
> > unique to centralized control which an enlightened public cannot achieve
> > (in a more robust manner - this is the argument re: centralization vs.
> > decentralization)
> Efficiency.  The most rapid evolution.  It is well-known that society evolves
> fastest in cities, i.e. centralization of the population to create more turns
> at all interactions which moves things along faster.

<randroid alert>

> > > You do realize that we've lived through periods like this already,
> > > right?  Do you want to be living in the Little House on the Prairie
> > > when the rustlers happen by, too far for anyone to hear your screams
> > > to get help before it is too late?  What do you think all of those
> > > Western's were about?
> > > 
> > we've never lived in a modern decentralized existence. communication is the key.
> Our Internet-driven society is the most decentralized that has ever existed,
> because of good communication.  And we can do much better.  Some of what I've
> been thinking about and working on.

Efficiency, thus profit maximization, is the sole corporate value.

Therefore, we must maximize efficiency, and hold to those systems
which maximize efficiency - the steepening of the pyramid of wealth
must be maximized at the cost of any other value - as long as you
feel good in your cotton wool clad guilt cage of nihilism!

Do NOT argue with the ministy, heathen!

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