Decentralization as Imperatice [was: The Libertarian As Conservative]

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Tue Mar 26 17:16:02 PDT 2019

On 3/26/19 5:05 PM, coderman wrote:
>> What are you talking about?  Do you assume often?  If you would have read any of my last 30 years of writing on the Internet, you 
>> would know that I am diametrically opposed to the Catholic mindset, in the sense you are ascribing.  Do your research.
> ok.
> then tell me: what is this decentralized wrong committed by every human?

I didn't say that there is a decentralized wrong being committed by every human.  You were seemingly arguing against any centralized 
system, that only decentralized systems were valid and workable, or at least were far better.  I disagree, depending on what you 
mean by centralized / decentralized in each sense.

We need, and have, a mostly centralized system of government underpinning, agreed upon law system, economics (largely), science, 
knowledge, etc.  Generally, that allows us to operate very autonomously and in a decentralized way already.  I seldom see, visit, or 
interact with the Federal, State, or even local government.  I usually interact with regulations only as constraints on my decisions 
and others.  Besides paying taxes and benefiting from fixed roads, limits to hazards, etc., I feel very decentralized and 
self-controlled most of the time.  You're arguing that disassembling that centralized / decentralized system into something more 
purely decentralized would be better.  I don't see it.

>> Pick one or more aspects of your identity, profession, family, etc. Imagine when everyone decides they hate that about you and 
>> everyone like you.  They do every single thing that centralized laws now almost completely prevent.
> give me an example. prove to me that some harm is prevented only in the centralized model?

Efficiency.  Trying to create, maintain, and evolve many, many decentralized systems at the pace our centralized legal / information 
/ economic / medicine / scientific / safety / defense system operates would be far less efficient than the system we have now.

> i continue to assert this is a cop out - there is nothing fundamentally unique to centralized control which an enlightened public 
> cannot achieve (in a more robust manner - this is the argument re: centralization vs. decentralization)

Efficiency.  The most rapid evolution.  It is well-known that society evolves fastest in cities, i.e. centralization of the 
population to create more turns at all interactions which moves things along faster.

>> You do realize that we've lived through periods like this already, right?  Do you want to be living in the Little House on the 
>> Prairie when the rustlers happen by, too far for anyone to hear your screams to get help before it is too late?  What do you 
>> think all of those Western's were about?
> we've never lived in a modern decentralized existence. communication is the key.

Our Internet-driven society is the most decentralized that has ever existed, because of good communication.  And we can do much 
better.  Some of what I've been thinking about and working on.

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