Decentralization as Imperatice [was: The Libertarian As Conservative]

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Tue Mar 26 17:09:32 PDT 2019

On Tue, 26 Mar 2019 16:55:53 -0700
"Stephen D. Williams" <sdw at> wrote:

> You do realize that we've lived through periods like this already, right?  Do you want to be living in the Little House on the 
> Prairie when the rustlers happen by, too far for anyone to hear your screams to get help before it is too late?  What do you think 
> all of those Western's were about?

	Hollywood fascist propaganda that the likes of you regard as 'reality' 

	Now Stephen, why is it that you are subscribed to a list dealing with crypto ANARCHY,  given your pure and undiluted fascist views? 

	I think that you should explain that for starters to prove that you have a shred of intelectual honesty (which you actually don't)




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