How Russia tampers with GPS

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On Tue, Mar 26, 2019 at 04:23:44PM +0000, coderman wrote:
> 1 big thing: How Russia tampers with GPS
> But, but, but: It is clear that many of the instances largely serve Russian national interests.
> - In Russia, C4ADS found that several spoofed signals came from areas where Russian VIPs (like President Vladimir Putin) were traveling or that contained military or domestic facilities Russia wants to protect (including a "multimillion-dollar 'palace'" reportedly built for Putin).
> - Those areas broadcast the coordinates of airports in places where there are no airports.
> - The spoofing was frequent enough that C4ADS reports the Russian internet firm Yandex had to redesign its ride sharing app. Otherwise, it billed passengers for sudden trips to the airport whenever their driver passed through a spoofed area.
> - Airports that mysteriously seemed to appear in the Black Sea were so disruptive that the United States issued a warning to international cargo firms.
> Why airports? Many manufacturers of drones use GPS chips to prevent their products from flying into airport airspace. C4ADS suspects the spoofing was to prevent drone attacks or surveillance.
> Meanwhile, Russia also used spoofing in combat zones, particularly Syria, to try to limit attacks against its installations.
> Go deeper: [Read more, including how Moscow uses GPS hacking in battle](

If Russia were NOT protecting its national interests, that would be

If America were not likewise using their GPS satellite network in
"interesting" ways, in their own interests, in places where America
"operates" to "protect its national interests" - like say the 38
"named" bases:

or its nearly 800 overseas bases:

The fact that there is filtering into the media of America's GPS
shirtfruckery, sorry I mean Russia's, sounds like classic "Russkie
guy bad" American propaganda.
Le happy fun times in Venezuela come to mind :D

 Venezuela regime-change champion John Bolton says US won’t tolerate
 foreign meddling in the country

[Now THAT's hysterical!]

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 Wire and Nails for Barricades

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 10,000km transatlantic flight (VIDEO)

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 are there based on cooperation treaty


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