Decentralization as Imperatice [was: The Libertarian As Conservative]

coderman coderman at
Tue Mar 26 16:15:16 PDT 2019

> That of course begs the question : what's your definition of libertarianism?

i'll "know it when i see it"  ;P~

> Do you think for instance that advocates of so called 'small government' are libertarians?

no. usually these are selfish individuals who do not accept the mantle of personal accountability. rather, they espouse the mantra of "might makes right". they just don't want anyone mightier than they are...

> Do you think that people who see corporations as poor oppressed victims (like all the fucking randroids do) are libertarians?

no. corporations by definition are the most centralized entities that exist. what corporations espouse as "libertarianism" is actually corporate fascism.  the people who support these corporations are fascists. (but not in name, apparently :)

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