Decentralization as Imperatice [was: The Libertarian As Conservative]

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> Libertarianism is by definition decentralized; delegating decisions to the edge.

	That of course begs the question : what's your definition of libertarianism? 

	Do you think for instance that advocates of so called 'small government' are libertarians? 

	Do you think that people who see corporations as poor oppressed victims (like all the fucking randroids do) are libertarians? 

	So let me link this again

	and this

	" The greatest obstacle, it seems to me — and Steele never does overtly disagree — is the institution of work. Especially, I think, in its industrial mode. Like most libertarians, Steele so far prefers industry to liberty that even to pose the problem of work as a problem of liberty throws a scare into him. " 

	"....Very well then, let’s not “maintain advanced industry.” I want liberty; Steele, in Liberty, prefers industry. I think the rag should rename itself Industry if that’s where its deepest loyalty lies. " 

> given that power corrupts; and absolute centralized power corrupts absolutely, it is clear that both Right and Left are deceptions by Centralized Power to maintain itself.
> the political question at core is this:
> centralization? (and abuse of power)
>  - or -
> decentralization (and individual responsibility)
> the absurdity of humanity is that our cognitive bias sees only the direct cost of personal responsibility, yet ignores the global cost of centralized abuses.
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