Have a physical copy of FBI malware

coderman coderman at protonmail.com
Tue Mar 26 09:42:49 PDT 2019

hello Ryan!

> I have a physical copy of FBI malware,...

you should submit to virustotal; unlikely to hit at current date, but someone in the future will appreciate a sample. private distribution from a monitored account also works - they'll get the message.

last but not least, burning their exploits makes them less likely to use them on you. it may increase physical forms of harassment, however!

as for the other matters:

i have been intending to write you a longer reply, regarding your difficulties with law enforcement. the short story is: if you've stepped in a national security shit pile, the FBI and other agencies have "extra-judicial" means to "disrupt" your activities. these methods are not scrutinized by the courts, nor are they designed for legal process - they are designed to disrupt and destroy your life.

by accounting some years back, about 50,000 such disruptions occur every year. you could be a lucky winner!

sadly the most effective remedy is to burn accounts and move to another state. the fusion programs encourage local and state agencies to join forces with FBI in life destruction tactics. once you're persona non grata within in a region, the forces there will remember.

best regards, and don't let the bastards win :)
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