Carbon Dioxide: Mankind's contribution to atmospheric CO2 so small it's not measurable - [MINISTRY]

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Sun Mar 24 11:49:09 PDT 2019

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Peter Fairbrother <peter at> wrote:

> i.e. the measured concentration changes if the air flow is from an 
> industrialized region
> So even according to you mankind's contribution is measurable.

	yes, you can stand by a fire started by a 'human' and kinda measure how much CO2 that  combustion produces - so what? 

> Over the million years before 1900 CO2 global average levels hovered 
> around 220 ppm, 

	And how on fucking earth do you know what happened in the last million years? 

	That sort of comment  gives away your pseudo scientific charlatanism. 

> and never exceeded 300 ppm. In the last few 100 years 
> the level has gone from 280 ppm to 411 ppm.

	"last few 100 years" again, you know that bullshit figure, how, exactly. 

	Also notice how you quote 'accurate' numbers for the concentration value...over a bullshit, indefinite timespan.

> Will increases in CO2 of this magnitude cause global warming? Well, 
> greenhouse theory says it will. And it always has before.

	And you know that happened because you are the guy who runs the computer simulation we live in? 

> People may argue up and down about that, but the simple fact is that CO2 
> levels rose from 280 pm to 411 ppm over the last few 100 years.

	because the enviro fascists say so =)

	Peter, what can you tell us about the  commercial/political organization of "the west"? How do you think the government,  'green' 'industry' and the 'mass media' interact? 


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