UBI begins 2020 - brutal end Trump - “It's $1K to be Huwaite” - spicy YangGang 2020 election - [PEACE]

Zenaan Harkness zen at freedbms.net
Tue Mar 19 18:51:36 PDT 2019

UBI - $1,000 a month - an unstoppable, non-partisan message:

 Andrew Yang Draws Crowd of 3,000 Supporters in San Francisco

   … Yang is successfully uniting the political left and political
   right with a very simple message. He understands that all people
   regardless of their political beliefs would like $1,000 a month in
   free money. That’s because there’s lots of things a person can do
   with $1,000 a month in free money. It’s a winning message and
   there are no flaws with it.

   And what are his political opponents going to do during the
   debates? All he has to say is that he’s the only candidate in the
   field who wants to give everybody $1,000 a month in free money.
   This marks instant defeat for his opposition because they do not
   want to give everybody $1,000 a month in free money.

   The money system is all fake anyway. They are just digits punched
   into computers run by Jewish bankers. So who cares if $1,000 of
   this fake Jewish money is deposited into everybody’s bank accounts
   on a monthly basis?

   If Yang’s plan of giving $1,000 a month to everybody results in an
   economic collapse as some doomsday theorists are predicting, then
   that’s an even better result than we could hope for. It’d be like
   the end of Fight Club when everybody’s bank accounts were reset to
   zero. There are literally no flaws with this plan.

Huwaites are firetrucked gen-X shirt-libbers these days, so messages
of self responsibility breeze right in one ear and right out the
other - so if you want "muh spiritual lessons", bring on UBI and a
sooner than expected systemic ponzi collapse FTW muffuluggerah!


Flawless plan... no downsides.

On Thu, Mar 14, 2019 at 09:39:47PM +1100, Zenaan Harkness wrote:
> UBI? You bet it!
> Trump has lost his base.
> Trump is a MIGA shill (Make Israel Great Again).  About that - almost
> the entire USA BigGov is MIGA.
> "Oh no! AIPAC does not exist, and even if it does it serves the
>  American people because Israel is our greatest ally! MAGA!"
>   MIGA Shills Fail to Deliver the May-Mays
>   https://dailystormer.name/miga-shills-fail-to-deliver-the-may-mays/
> The manufacturing, transport  and much of the commercial world shall
> largely/ continue to, automate, with jobs disappearing as a result.
> With trade and commerce, comes a money pyramid.
> Setting aside for another conversation the fiat ponzi that is the
> non-constitutional Federal Reserve banking system (which is neither
> federal, nor reserve), whoever prints the money (Rothschilds or your
> Gov.) does not change the wealth percolating to the top of the
> pyramid hierarchy. Removing the Federal Reserve from the mix simply
> means a potentially much longer time frame before bubbles burst, and
> possibly greater stability.
> So, at the moment, most of the money printed each year goes to
> service debt (i.e. goes to the Rothschilds) and most of the rest goes
> to Lockheed Martin and Co.
> In the USA, assume ~300 million people, getting $1K per month, this
> = ~ $300 billion per month into citizens hands.
> The majority of that goes to rent, food, transport, electricity and
> communications. I.e., straight into the economy with its consequent
> multi level taxation and money velocity - i.e., a fair whack goes
> back to Gov. and the rest goes to those at the top of the commerce
> pyramid.
> That's better than the majority of each month's Gov "money" print
> going to the Rothschilds and Lockheed Martin Death Complex.
> So, +1 for UBI in the neo world novo economy ...

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