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Mon Mar 18 12:26:57 PDT 2019

On Mon, 18 Mar 2019 07:05:06 -0400
grarpamp <grarpamp at> wrote:

> On 3/18/19, Punk <punks at> wrote:
> > all got elected because voters are hopeless fucktards, and corrupt to the core.
> Fixed.

	That's right. Fact remains though, supreme scumbag musk is a 'fan' of supreme scumbag trumpo.

> > musk
> Electrons, photons, boring shit, and rockets... to infinity and beyond.

	musk is such a corrupt asshole that even the corrupt fake libertarians at call him by his name : crony capitalist

	search for "musk crony" - see what you get. 

	(in all fairness, absolutely all 'big' businesses are partnerships between 'private' criminals and the government).

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