NZ News Trigs Censorship, Bans Freedom and Self Defense, Fakers News

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Mon Mar 18 02:53:39 PDT 2019
"I have forgiven him" - Hearts
"You are still alive, you have a chance... If I can change one person"
- Cue proselytizing from the world's religions.
“New Zealand’s intelligence and security agencies do not currently
have the legal authority, technical means or resources to actively
monitor all online activity that occurs in New Zealand. In addition,
all intelligence and security agencies are grappling with the
challenges of encryption and closed online communities." -- GCSB

FHOTI power grabbing FUD... Unacheivable, effectively zero published
results over 18+ years of US NSA FBI FVEY++ rampant surveillance...
8chan plaintext, also emailed beforehand to 30+ authorities and
outlets, facebook, twitter... and someone always knows and fails to
speak, and some bads can always hide... the infringing chill, abuse
and feedback into the power program from spying is simply not worth
“I was screaming at the guy, Come here, I’m here, Wahabzadah told CNN,
he ran after the shooter and picked up a discarded weapon of the
gunman, which he described as a shotgun. He threw it at the gunman’s
car, shattering his window"

New Zealand police commissioner Mike Bush said he had been pleased to
hear Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern's call for tougher gun laws.

An 18-year-old man will also appear in Christchurch District Court on
Monday for possessing a firearm (while helping to protect children).

"Kiwis begin to voluntarily return their semi-automatic rifles. A
number of gun owners have voluntarily given up their semi-automatic
rifles in the wake of the Christchurch terror attack and the
Government's announcement that it will ban these weapons. Trade Me has
stopped selling semi-automatic weapons immediately in the wake of the
Christchurch mass shootings. A moratorium was called for after reports
of a rush on guns, particularly semi-automatic weapons, ahead of any

Yet Government, Military, Police all refuse to ban and give up their
own semi-automatic rifles they need to maintain their own power. At
least until good humanitarians come to at least save their lives with
their... fists, or throwing sticks, because they can't have anything
else, 36 minutes later because the humans vehicles were all
centralized off and they had to walk. And when their arsenals get
raided, purloined, misappropriated, even used by their own psychos and
"laws". Stripped and power imbalances among humans, Govt's, between
all things... not exactly a good history there. Of note, 3D printing
and plain old metalsmithing live on unstoppable.
"The courtroom was closed to the public, the name of the victim was
withheld by authorities and a judge ruled that pictures of the suspect
in court must have his face blurred."

"United Kingdom Home Secretary Sajid Javid mentioned a new policy
proposal that will be introduced in the UK to ensure that tech
companies that don't "clean up their platforms" would have to answer
to the law."

The New Zealand Office of Film and Literature Classification quickly
classified the video as "objectionable", making it an offence to
distribute, copy, or exhibit the video within the country.

New Zealand's Internet service providers have taken steps to block
access to 8chan and other sites related to the attack.

Reddit banned subreddits named "WatchPeopleDie" and "Gore"

A 22-year-old New Zealand man will appear in court in Christchurch
accused of distributing the video.
Live stream of shooting raises Facebook concerns
Ms Ardern said Facebook's chief operating officer had sent her
condolences over the shootings, which were live-streamed on the social
media platform.
When asked if Facebook should stop live-streaming, Ms Ardern said:
"Certainly, I have had contact from Sheryl Sandberg.
The Christchurch shooting was streamed live, but think twice about watching it
In an appalling example of the latest technology, the gunman
reportedly livestreamed his killings on Facebook. Amplifying the
spread of this kind of material can be harmful.
"I haven't spoken to her directly but she has reached out, [and given]
an acknowledgment of what has occurred here in New Zealand.
"This is an issue that I will look to be discussing directly with Facebook."
Facebook said it had removed 1.5 million videos of the attack from the
social media platform within 24 hours of the incident.
"Out of respect for the people affected by this tragedy and the
concerns of local authorities, we're also removing all edited versions
of the video that do not show graphic content," Facebook New Zealand
spokesperson Mia Garlick said.
Prime Minister Scott Morrison said he would be seeking assurances from
social media companies to ensure terrorists do not use their platforms
to stream attacks.
Mr Morrison said while conversations needed to be had about the role
of social media in terror attacks, people also had a personal
responsibility not to view or share the images.
"Personally I have not seen them, I do not wish to see them, I do not
wish to give the right-wing extremist terrorists the satisfaction that
I have looked at them," he said.
"I think there [are] some very real discussions that have to be had
about how these facilities and capabilities as they exist on social
media can continue to be offered, to ensure this tool cannot be used
by terrorists."

Censorship is a problem, a refusal to understand... not a solution.

Speak Freely.

And please, do not murder, it's not cool.

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