The NSA Has Apparently Stopped the Domestic Surveillance Program Snowden Exposed - Hit & Run :

grarpamp grarpamp at
Tue Mar 5 18:53:21 PST 2019


> Saturday, March 2, 2019, 1:30 PM

LFB seems to have been the outlet partner
chosen to scoop this propaganda...

"This week, Margaret Taylor sat down with seemingly unlikely partners:
Luke Murry, National Security Advisor to Republican House Minority
Leader Kevin McCarthy, and Daniel Silverberg, National Security
Advisor to Democratic House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer."

> My guess?  The specific program initially exposed by the Snowden docs
> outlived its usefulness, as a next generation program doing the same job
> "better, stronger, faster" displaced it.  That new program does not
> exist for legislative and legal purposes, because nobody outside
> compartments with authorized access to it knows it exists.

Why this "news" from unelected [and even uncleared access] aides,
via nothing tier media, and not jointly from top brass positions,
legislative, judicial, and Pres?
Why dodge or not claim such "good news", unless it's actually
embarrasingly fake under the hood?

For so long as TOP SECRET and all the taps, interfaces,
databases, gigawatts, datacenters, biometrics, ID passport
license, and governments exist... there will never be any
significant and or lasting reduction in spying surveillance
collection control laws theft propaganda torture murder war,

Has history ever proven otherwise, short of the
moment of collapse, revolution, invasion?

Same old, over and over. Another moment will come.
Be different next time.

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