How to achieve 1 meter accuracy with Android Was: Re: Dropgang vulnerabilities

jamesd at jamesd at
Tue Mar 5 16:24:55 PST 2019

On 2019-03-05 11:47, grarpamp wrote:
> Surround them with love, forgive, pray to not be fucked again?
> That's noble and personal.

The amazing piety of the Trotsyites during the early seventies has given 
me a permanent allergic reaction to superior holiness.

Commies are always extremely holy, the holiest of social Justice 
Warriors, and the holiest of all are the Trotskyites, who during late 
twenties and early thirties, poured burning gasoline over the peasant's 
children to force him to reveal where the seed corn was buried, and 
tortured their fellow Jew with fire in the hope he had some more gold 
coins buried away.

Similarly, Social Justice Warriors are so committed to nonviolence, that 
they will punch you in the face because your facecrime constitutes violence.

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