As the web turns 30, is it an 'out-of-control monster'?

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> As the web turns 30, is it an 'out-of-control monster'?.


Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web 30 years ago while working
at CERN, Europe's physics lab, which is located near Geneva (AFP
Photo/Fabrice COFFRINI)

Thirty years ago this month, a young British software engineer working
at a lab near Geneva invented a system for scientists to share
information that would ultimately change humanity.

But three decades after he invented the World Wide Web, Tim
Berners-Lee has warned that his creation has been "hijacked by crooks"
that may spell its destruction.

Berner-Lee's old office at Europe's physics lab CERN now looks no
different than the others lining the long, nondescript corridor within
the expansive compound.

The only indication that history was made here is a small
commemorative plaque and a page from an old CERN directory hung on the
door, with "MOMENTARILY OUT OF OFFICE!" written in jest next to
Berners-Lee's name.

"Tim worked a lot," said technician Francois Fluckiger, who took
charge of the web team after Berners-Lee left for the Massachusetts
Institute of Technology (MIT) in 1994.

"The lights were always on in his office," Fluckiger told AFP.

- History in the making -

Berners-Lee was responsible for CERN's internal directory but was
interested in ways to allow the thousands of scientists around the
world who cooperated with the lab to more easily share their work.

His vision for "a decentralised information management system" soon
gave birth to the web.

Primitive forms of the internet -- a network linking computers -- had
previously existed, but it was the World Wide Web that allowed web
pages to be collected and accessed with a browser.

"Very early on, we had the feeling that history was in the making,"
Fluckiger said.

In 1990, Belgian scientist Robert Cailliau came onboard to help
promote the invention, which used Hypertext Markup Language, or HTML,
as a standard to create webpages.

They created the Hypertext Transfer Protocol, or HTTP, which allows
users to access resources by clicking on hyperlinks, and also Uniform
Resource Locators, or URLs, as a website address system.

At the end of 1990, Berners-Lee set CERN's first web navigator server
into action.

The browser was released outside of CERN in early 1991, first to other
research institutions and later to the public.

Fluckiger, now retired, hailed the web as one of three major
inventions in the 20th century that enabled the digital society,
alongside the Internet Protocol (IP) and Google's search algorithms.

But he lamented the "online bullying, fake news, and mass hysteria"
that flourish online as well as threats to privacy.

"One has to ask oneself if we did not, in the end, create a completely
out-of-control monster."

- 'Crooks and trolls' -

Berners-Lee has launched his own campaign to "save the web".

At the Web Summit in Lisbon last November, he called for a new
"Contract for the Web", based on access for all and the fundamental
right to privacy, among other things.

"The web has been hijacked by crooks and trolls who have used it to
manipulate people all over the world," Berners-Lee warned in a New
York Times op-ed in December, citing threats ranging from the dark
web, to cyber crime, fake news and personal data theft.

In January, the man dubbed the "father of the web" urged the global
elites at the World Economic Forum in Davos to join the fight against
the "polarisation" of online debates.

He called for discussion platforms that connect people with different
opinions and backgrounds, contrary to today's common practice of
creating online ghettos, filter bubbles and feedback loops where
people rarely encounter opinions different from their own.

United Nations chief Antonio Guterres also voiced concerns at Davos
over the direction the web was taking.

He warned of the impact "of the dark web and the deep web and all the
problems of cyber security", and called for the creation of "soft
mechanisms" to help rein in countries using this technology to violate
human rights.

- Open source -

Back in 1989, no one could have foreseen the importance of the emerging web.

CERN has held onto only a few souvenirs from the early days: the first
memo that Berners-Lee drafted about his invention, his black NeXT
computer station and his keyboard.

But while CERN may not have preserved many keepsakes to memorialise
the historic invention, it has strived to prevent the web from falling
into the wrong hands.

In 1993, the organisation announced it was putting the web software
into the public domain, which could have allowed any individual or
business to claim it as their own and control its development.

But destiny, with a little help from Fluckiger, helped avert potential disaster.

After discussions with CERN's legal service, Fluckiger decided in 1994
to launch a new open source version of the web.

That proved a crucial move that allowed CERN to retain the
intellectual property rights to the invention while giving access to
anyone to use and modify the web freely and without cost.

In 1995, the intellectual property rights were transferred to a
consortium set up by Berners-Lee based out of MIT, called W3C.

"We were lucky that during those 18 months, no one seized the web,"
Fluckiger said.

"Otherwise, there might not have been a web today."

not only a monster but turns people into the scenario Plato's cave
11 minutes

Like all things it will die kids these days are going back to Vinyl
and cds people are going back to flip phone and leaving facefu*k and
asschap and Twatter it will die and become and online mail and porn
41 minutes

It's an out of control evil. The devil definitely at work. Hang on tight people.
about an hour

The Jews are scared of the web. They will shut it down to get the
goyim back under control
about an hour

it's's ALIVE...! Frankenstein, no
2 hours

The WEB mentioned (in Bible - prophetic language) is the 💻💾💽📀💿📡
web of the last days.
2 hours

Definition of the "internet"?... The GREAT SATAN...
2 hours

Yes!! Was good at one time.
2 hours

*You posters are ranting about the internet being invented by
DARPA...this article is talking about THE WORLD WIDE WEB. The World
Wide Web was invented AFTER THE INTERNET.
3 hours

7 down you are ABSOLUTELY CORRECT. My god the diick who qrote the
article is prbably younger than WWW
3 hours

Al Gore read this story then stuck his finger up his ass and sniffed it.
3 hours
Why would he do such a thing? about an hour

It's cultural rot plain and simple!
3 hours

How is yahoo still relevant? Does anyone use their search engine? I
figured they went the way of alta vista or ask jeeves.
3 hours

YES,YES AND YES. A good thing gone bad.
3 hours

The ww web was invented by the Peruvian Incas hundred of years ago
they called it “Chasquis” lol
4 hours

Let's be honest internet has ruined the fabric of society.. families,
friendships, work, faith, pride, hope and love.. it turned everyone
and thing into social media whores and uncompromising fools.. it has
show us evil and made us insensitive about death and murder. Just look
at these abortion laws that are passing, 30 years ago Americans would
have rallied for the innocent but now the lunatic SJWs want abortion
like McDonalds.. Faith and God are made fun of. It's just sad, and I
truly do believe the internet and A.I is the number one reason this
world is falling apart..
4 hours

Like all things human related the web is a tool that can be leveraged
for good or evil. I can tell you for sure that that China wouldn't be
the super power it is today without the web. It enabled tremendous
knowledge transfer from USA to China
4 hours

Crazy! This entire article is made up fake news from Yahoo. I have a
computer degree. The basis of the internet was invented in the US by
DARPA. Unbelievable! No wonder the satanists at CERN don't have any
"memorabilia". Lol
4 hours

Obama handed the internet over to the world and the world d went
crazy... Nothing to see here
4 hours

Daily reminder that Yahoo is Fake News.
4 hours

Libtards screwed it up, just like everything else they get near.
4 hours

hooks are in, what industry can make life back too 3rd dimension. farmers
5 hours

the life of the internet is finite. all it needs is one good cme from
our sun and its toast.
5 hours

social score will flag you if off the the digital grid, so better be
able too total sustain you and yours.
5 hours

so does the trumpster have answer for demonrats neocon puppets for cia
deep state internet censorship
5 hours

Internet was not invented in Switzerland, it was invented in the USA.
Look up ARPANET, it's older than 30 years....
5 hours

ooh baby. fluckinger it...fluckinger me good...
5 hours

"open the pod bay doors Hal"... we are screwed
5 hours

Out of control monster = boomers just want to control communication as usual
5 hours

Http/ Yup...we have come a long way baby...
5 hours

Unplug and get the F off the grid
6 hours

In this regard, the printing press has been similarly misused, so why
is Tim acting so surprised?
6 hours

There is more porn than anything else on the web. And with Facebook,
Twitter, Google, and Instagram now limiting free speech on their
monopolized platforms, the web has been weaponized for politics. It
didnt take long for the web to become corrupted. Sad, really sad.
6 hours

I have lived the first 55 years of my life without social media, other
than the telephone. I for one could easily go back to those days......
7 hours
⬇️1st comment, you wouldn't know what to do without internet, why, you
might have to get a job ⬇️🤣🖕🖕 5 hours
Back in my day when everything was all across the board was shitty,
that was good times! We hung uppity n****rs from trees, movies only
came in one color, and we didn't need no flu shots and vaccines! We
ran from polio by gum! 5 hours
You shut the fu ck up grandpa!!! Whenever I want to hear from you,
I'll call on you. Capiche, you miserable freak? 6 hours

Not at all. It's under complete & total control. As is everyone who uses it
7 hours by pizza

Not out of control, in control by leftist f***tards
7 hours

#TALPIOT program #UNIT8200
7 hours

This whole article is fake and completely false. The internet was
derived from DARPA it was called Darpanet. these people are a bunch of
liars. It really makes you wonder what is going on that they are
bringing this up.
7 hours

JEW mobster surveillance
7 hours

The web is a blight on societies worldwide. Controlled and manipulated
by elitist.
7 hours

internet is much older than the World wide web. html. good job.
7 hours

Fake news. Al Gore invented the internet. Just ask him
8 hours

absolutely not the web is under total control from the Democratic
Partyor should I say socialist Communist Party
8 hours

Tech = 666
8 hours

The web is everyone's chance for 2 minutes of fame!
8 hours

Like the world, the internet is a reflection of humanity. Can't fix sin.
8 hours by Bulletproof

What's the problem? The web has allowed us all this convenience in the
form of our smartphones and all it cost us was our freedom!
8 hours

Ideas and Unity are dangerous.
8 hours

The web was invented by CERN???? Wow. May want to research that little
deeper, DARPA??? Anyone? Sorry,,, and Al Gore.
8 hours

too much truth and information is getting out so they want to restrict
it. hope all you dumbasses understand that.
8 hours

Ruined by man, as humans destroy everything good.
9 hours
I feel sorry for you you have a skewed Outlook that is also incorrect.
humans have made this planet what it is and it is great. with the
exception of liberals 8 hours

The internet is for porn, the internet is for porn. Why you think the
net was born? Porn, porn, porn!
9 hours
no dumbass, it was given to us to spy on us. the internet of everything. 8 hours

The Demonrats in the House of Representatives are out of control, and
all of the idiot trolls who put them in because they only get their
news from MTV, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, etc. should not be allowed to vote.
9 hours

Fake news from the first line... Everyone knows Al Gore invented the
internet, just ask him!
9 hours

Hillary Clinton is an out of control monster.
9 hours

I like the name Fluckiger
9 hours

Try more like an invention of DARPA
9 hours

Lol, the internet was initially created for armies to communicate
after a nuclear war with the Russians
9 hours

a partial collider scientist created the internet i call bull shit
9 hours

cern did not create the world wide web are you joking
9 hours

Didn't muslims and black people invent the web?
9 hours

I miss Tumblr.
10 hours

This is what happens when you let lefty fascist hypocrites run the show!
10 hours

My brother worked for IBM for years and used to laugh at me for
calling the web, "The Great Satan". I still stand by my statement.
10 hours

worse than out of control it's become a statist propaganda tool
10 hours

Destroy the web. It has done more harm than good. Large technological
advancements should have some form of checks and balances. If not they
will be mankind's destruction. The web has already turned the world
into a more evil perverse place.
10 hours by Deplorable Privelege

yes it is. shut it down it's the devil
11 hours's out of control!
11 hours

Turned out to be a very bad thingie... Ali. Gory claims all the credit for it.
11 hours

In an attempt to control what you can access on the internet, Google
was very busy working with President Obama and whoever controlled him
every day. Look up how many visits to the White House Google made over
Obama's presidency.
11 hours

I like jerking off to all the porn on the Ner.
11 hours

I thought al gore invented da internet? 🤔
11 hours

The answer is no. You dont have to use it.
11 hours

This article is wrong, DARPA net had been around since the 60's
11 hours

i thought al gore invented the internet!!
11 hours

Used to be that you could go to the internet and find info about
anything, like manufacturers-wholesalers for anything. Now only
retailers to the public. Any kind of porn you can imagine still.
11 hours

As Maverick once said to Ice Man, "that's right, I am dangerous."
11 hours

you know what, when you get thrown in jail for criticizing somone your
probably speeking the truth.
11 hours

The free and uncontrolled thoughts and ideas of people are a monster
to the establishment. IDEAS ARE DANGEROUS
11 hours

The CIA created Google, so people can volunteer their info. DARPA used
Suckerberg to be a front for Facebook, so everyone would put their
entire life on the internet. Easy enough to find out.
11 hours

This very forum must be stopped, imagine this kind of dialogue in
CHINA, impossible!
11 hours

Does anyone really believe President Trump could have become President
without the internet? Trump certainly didn't win with the help from
CBS, ABC, NBC and the rest of the corporate misinformation media.
11 hours

All this whole article means is to shut up conservatives, so that
another Donald Trump is never elected. Just another layer of control.
11 hours

Of course it's out of control, and that's precisely the problem the
establishment and the ruling class face, how to control the internet.
12 hours

WRONG..Department of defense "invented "the internet
12 hours

Its made the masses in to dumbasses.
12 hours

Who says it has to be controlled?
12 hours

Byte me pricklbushers
12 hours

porn is good
12 hours

Yes, it can be. In the hands of Consumers.
12 hours

only those who would oppress others fear the internet!
12 hours

No worries little goyim ... "jews" are in the process of "sanitizing"
the Internet. Those "jews" are so thoughtful 💓
13 hours by Talmud👦Kid
This comment violates community standards and will be reported to the
proper authority, his mother. 12 hours
dumbfuk. pull your head out your ass. 12 hours
you're full of shit and like COCK in your ass 12 hours

I enjoy watching YouTube videos.
13 hours

Al of the Gore invented the internet! I know this because he said so!
Al of the Gore wouldn't lie to me would he?!
13 hours

Tim did not invent the internet. The internet was invented by 10000
programmers working autonomously with no central planning. We are all
insulted by the fake news that someone invented it.
13 hours

This fear mongering of the web being a monster is an attempt to creat
a narrative that we NEED government control. They want you to have a
global ID which you must access the internet/www by. No anonymous
connections or searches allowed. That's what they want. Total control
of all information.
13 hours

This is how AI will start. It will be simple at first and then become
an out of control monster and then we are all dead.
13 hours

The key was making it open source. Look how fast it grew.
13 hours

fake news. algore invented the internet.
13 hours

no but the global warming HOAX is!!
13 hours

The real danger is total loss of privacy. It is ushering in a
totalitarian world led by Google and the NSA.
13 hours

I thought Al Gore discovered the web
13 hours

Control argument?
13 hours

BO gave away control of the internet so that the deep state criminals
can control it
13 hours

"At this point what difference does it make?"- H. Clinton
13 hours

This thread is mis titled. It should be a quick look at a small part
of web history.
13 hours

Its been dumbed down by microsoft and google, censored so much that
you can hardly find anything you want
14 hours

Those claims are incorrect, it was developed by our military years
before to avoid o linter-office mail.
14 hours
The internet, yes. However, this is talking about the World Wide Web,
which operates on the Internet. 13 hours
*inter-office mail. 14 hours

Out of control like the trolls on this app.
14 hours

all lies! Everyone knows Al Gore invented the internet, he told us so!
14 hours

Fhe quicker the Internet dies and we get back to proper living, the
better. It has destroyed so many industries such as, but not limited
to, banks and credit unions, travel agencies, stock brokers, both
movie rental and music stores, physical music and video media in
general (i.e. CDs and DVDs), and now television and movie studios, as
well as movie theaters, are on the brink of collapse. -BC
14 hours
as old businesses die off new ones are created. so we should all still
be in horse and wagons? 10 hours
how did it destroy banks? mine still works. you are an idiot. 10 hours
If you honestly feel that way, why are using it? Better to be thought
a fool.... 11 hours

mean old monster at door wants $3.50
14 hours

You fake mutherfukkers. AL invented the internet! My God, global
warming has fried your brain!
3 hours

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